Coffee...Like It or Hate It?

Was having a meeting with my client and the usual place to meet as a freelancer like me would be places that serve coffee, be it Starbucks, Coffee Bean or just a simple place like mamak is always the best choice.

I always wonder why people likes coffee so much until they can't live without coffee. I do know a few people who are so addicted to coffee that if they don't take coffee their hands will shiver or feel uneasy the whole day. I guess it is the caffeine has the stimulating effect on human beings that is why people get addicted to it.

When I was young, always hear people say drink coffee will actually make you stay awake at night as the caffeine will take effect. So I took coffee to stay awake just to do my revision as exam is just around the corner and to my surprise, I sleep like pig till next morning and nothing was done. That is when I found out that caffeine has no effect on me.

And do you know the most expensive coffee bean could cost as much as $600 a pound or $50 a cup and it is actually comes from droppings (shit), It is from Asian palm civet mainly in Indonesia. It seems like these civet will actually eat the coffee berries, as the bean will actually been process and comes out from the rear end. Some how this process makes the bean taste better I guess. I'm not a coffee person so I have no idea.

If given a chance to drink from the rear end coffee would you try it? I just might, to taste how good it is that comes out from the rear end.



Wei Khean said...

Yes, I admit, I am a coffee addict. I must have coffee everyday in order to function. But I sometimes give myself a break on weekend. I do know people who sleep after drinking coffee. I guess Ken is one of them :)

Oh yeah, I would try the interesting 'processed' coffee if I have a chance. But just don't tell me where it come from until I finish. Cos it's all in the head. :)

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