Liquor Stall @ KLIA

Remember these images which I have posted earlier regarding the liquor stall that I design and finally today I got the chance go and see the final product which was done end of last year. This liquor is in airport where the duty free shops are so it is really a rare chance for me to go in and see it unless I go traveling.

But this time I'm there because the client brings me there to view other design and at the same time would like me to get involve in another new project at the airport as well but this time is in LCCT if I'm not mistaken, with 3 gondolas and 2 built-in cabinets. I would like to take up this job but it seems like he wanted even lesser price with so many items. I'm still considering whether to take up this job.

The cabinet was not as nice as I expected is to be as the client actually change most of the materials to the airport requirement and besides that the carpenter did not really do a good job with the finishes. A slight disappointment after looking at the out come of my initial design. I guess the client is always right and at the end of the day we just need to submit to their request and requirements.



Marvic said...

ken, is that in KLIA or in LCCT? I surely will take my photo with the cabinet once I terjumpa in the airport :)

Ken said...

The photo is in KLIA, the new one that I might do is LCCT, which I still haven't agree on the pricing yet :D

Yumi said...

congrats..but ya..i can see the difference too..hehe..
at least u got something to do..this sem and got paid...IF u take the job..
well..gud luck ya..

Wei Khean said...

Hey Ken, it looks good. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes the end results is not in our control. But the good news is that the client must be happy with your work cos you have a new project coming in. In this economy environment, that is a good sign, right? Good luck on the new project!!

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Wah Ken, that's pretty impressive :D Great work, any chance you can get me a bottle of wine ... LOL!

Ken said...

Wei Khean: it's true, that got business it is good at times like this. In the end I took this job and I'll be working my butts off this coming weekend :(

Ken said...

Spiff: if i do go to the airport again I can get for you but got to pay :P because I don't get free too :(

yoon see said...

Congrats Ken

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