Eden Lake (the movie)

"One Of The Most Provocative And Terrifying Thrillers Of The Year"
* * * *

Sorry to say but that is the biggest lie of the year. An UK release film and one of the worst I've seen so far in year 2009 that probably could last till end of the year. It's about this couple Jenny & Steve who went to this place call Eden Lake (close for development) for the weekend getaway but ended up mess up by these few teenages that got furiously mad and start on a killing spree.

Worst the Steve got killed but Jenny escape but ended up in one of the teenages home. And the father was a ex-convict and Jenny ended got killed too. The whole time Jenny seems to be falling for one bad luck after another and in the end she got killed. This movie is so negative that there is totally no hope at all.

Sorry to say but I would vote Eden Lake the worst movie of the year and definitely not what the big statement was at all about. Four star is definitely over rated. Total let down!!!!

p/s Malaysia totally change the poster that does not look like that, go figure out why?



-Lek Wei- said...

luckily didnt follow u to watch this movie. ha.. u still remember 'the coffin'? if compare with the coffin, which one is more better? lol.

Ken said...

Um...I think both are bad in their own ways.

Ken said...

anyway I did not ask you watch this movie. I wanted to watch "The Watchman"

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Whoa,..is it that bad?

Ken said...

Trust me it is that bad!!!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

hahaha! ayte, ayte..I heard tht alot from others too :)

Ken said...

since the majority think it's not nice. better don't waste time even thinking about the movie...LOL

Ken said...

since the majority think it's not nice. better don't waste time even thinking about the movie...LOL

Emila Yusof said...

sebab the lady in the psoter is sexy ke? ok je i tengok hehe

I wanna see this movie!!!!

Ken said...

yalo too sexy for malaysian audiance...

devlin said...

I've seen the movie yesterday in Fantasporto in Portugal and liked the movie. The movie is a good approach for the teenage rising anger and out of control behavior. I think you should see the movie and be ****** mad about that kind of behavior.While I think that, production should be a bit better, but still worth seeing.

Ken said...

Agree with you. At the end of the day I guess it still falls into the parents way of teaching a child.

The parents are violent people that makes the child following their footsteps.

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