Just few weeks my iPod got stolen and now I wanted to sell the iPod docker for RM100. it charges your iPod and of course plays music through the speaker. By the way the docker is less than a year old.

The other thing I would like to sell is the Aztech modem for RM50. I've already got myself P1 Wimax and I'm no longer using the lousy streamyx that the DSL light keep blinking that I could not go online smoothly. And this is almost a year old.

For those of you who is interested in any of this two products please drop me a note here so that I could get back to you. By the way, I'm only selling locally as in within the Klang Valley.



yoon see said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yoon see said...

Wow! Great sale Ken!
Hope this will recover your lost:)

Ken said...

Yeah I hope so :) no point keep them since I'm not using them...UM I better mention how old are my goods...LOL

Nessa said...

Wah.. got diskaun or not?? :) *just kidding*

BTW, you have been tagged :)

Here’s the link :~

Ken said...

i saw the tag d and it really use too much of my brain juice...:)

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