My friend showed me this video few months back and i was really touched by what I see and I just wonder to we humans actually sacrifice oneself in order to save someone you totally don't know? I think for sure is I would definitely risk my life to save those who are close to my heart.

I guess some of us are just born selfless and some selfish and that also depending every individual. At times you see in drama that even closest friends for family members also will betrayed one another but I do visit some of these dramas myself and it is just heart sick to see it happen.

But one thing for sure, we get to choose who we want to be with and those you think are not trust worthy you can just cast them away. The choice is in our hands, make the right choice and most important, no regrets in everything we do.



yoon see said...


Willy's Diary said...

i'm selfish... i ought i'd risk my life for my hubby though LOL

Ken said...

LOL. Simply bcos you luv him.

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