Listen to both Korean guys sing Listen by Beyonce from Dreamgirls. One is so good and the other was just.....

Take a look and judge for yourself and remember both are guys.



Hings said...

the subtitles make the second video very funny. lolz~!! haha

yoon see said...

Beautiful songs:)

Marvic said...

the song is so beautiful but the second singer ruined

Marvic said...

ken, u kena tag also at my blog..hehehe

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

it is a beautiful and melodies song..the first singer did a really good job! The second one dosen't have good eng pronounciation, i guess thaT'S WHY IT SOUNDED WEIRD..HAHA!

diYadEaRY said...

ken.. ken.. have a look!

result giveaway da keluar.. :)

豪少 said...

Haha, 2nd singer ain't that bad lar. Maybe he needs to improve his pronounciations :P

Ken said...

you should check out the 2nd singer in youtube and search for touch my body by korean boy....then you will laugh your head off.

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