People Who Deserve It

Was driving back from Kuala Lumpur to Kepong during the busiest time of the day with a friend and was listening to the radio and can't remember which one was it. But they bring up a very interesting topic on air, "People Who Deserve It". You must be wondering deserve what? Socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face. Thee were 102 things listed on it and you can go check it out to find out yourself.

And here is my list of "People Who Deserve It" (Socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face)

  1. People who stands at the ATM machine for minutes withdrawing cash. (I wonder what took them so long?)
  2. People who drives a big cc car and road hog in fast lane. (Come one you have a big cc car, Make full use of it!)
  3. Guys that can't live without pussy. (without it, their world just crumble and everyone is dead to him)
  4. Two face people. (here being nice to you, there stabbing your back)
  5. People who knows how to whine only (whine so much but do nothing [NATO][No Actions Talk Only]
So far these are the major things that I could think off. I wonder what are yours?



Nessa said...

I seriously can't stand no. 4. I'd rather have honest ppl telling me the truth than someone who praises me all the time but saying bad things behind my back.

For no. 1, sometimes not everyone is ATM savvy especially 1st time users... hehe. But yeah, those who withdraw sampai 10 kali, I hate them! LOL!

Ken said...

LOL...sometimes I think they read every single things that appear on the atm screen. That is why it took them so long to just withdraw RM50...sign...

nathalie said...

One of the things i would surely put in the list is that while in a elevator,people who stand right beside the door won't hold the "open" button when people walk in n out,it irritates me a lot,keeping the door open is like a needless-to-say temporary-responsible for those who chose to stand there. be more considerate, if you are that lazy to press a button,then stand away from the buttonss..!!!

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