What Is The Truth?

How much truth is there that you see on TV are true?  I remember watching Mythbusters quite some time ago about explosions that were cause by mobile phone in petrol station.  I see a lot of signs that says no mobile phone in petrol station.  But do we really fully understand how these explosions were being caused?
In Mythbusters they did a few experiments on actually proof that mobile phone does not cause explosion in the petrol stations.  What causes the explosions are actually our own static charges.  When we touch any that conduct electric it will causes sparks, with this sparks it can cause the gas from the oil tank to explode.  This was the actual truth but yet still a lot of people just follow blindly what was given to them.
At times I believe people just believe in things blindly without finding out the actual truth.  Is the truth that ugly to be accepted?  Sometimes what we see may not be the whole truth.  How one information were given and arranged does make a big difference.



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