My Birthday

Yup, it's a little to vain but it is all for sake of FUN and it is my birthday, so just go crazy and wild!  Celebrated with a few close friends at PalatePalette who as actually introduced to me by my students.  Of course I did not celebrate it in the toilet but a very nice restaurant.  It was nothing like last year that my friends organised a KTV session with a bunch of friends and this year it is a quiet birthday instead of a loud one.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my family, friends and students who have either called me or sms with all the great birthday wishes and singing as well.  Besides that I would like to Phirence, Verna, Mac, Jimmie, Lek Wai & KS for their wonderful birthday gifts.



yoon see said...

Happy birthday Ken and may all your wishes come true!
Now, got comment moderation!?

zm said...

happpy birthday~

anny said...

wahhhhhh.. so cool the pose.. hehhehee.. glad u had a great one! and... dun talk abt the things you do in the toilet.. hahahhahaaa.. Happy Beeday!

Ken said...

Thank you Yoon See & ZM

diYadEaRY said...

Happy Birthday Ken! May the year to come bring more happiness, and lucks to you.. ;)

Nessa said...

Happy birthday Ken! :) May your dreams come true. Ooh, cool mag... ada extra copy ka?? Hehe

Ken said...

Thank you Nessa...ada you nak? LOL

-Lek Wei- said...

mr.ken. ha.. hope u like the present o. must wear it all the time. =)

Ken said...

I'm sure I've to wash it right...if not busuk la....LOL

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