Alienated is how i felt.  I still have some part time classes to teach with the college I leave me hanging neither here nor there.  As I enter the college, you can easily felt those arrow start flying towards you and you fell so small and helpless.
Whether you are right or you are wrong, as long as you are an outcast, it is human nature to "label" you.  Or should I say you have been "marked" and what ever things you do, you have eyes all over you as though you have two heads or four hands or even horn growing on your head.
With a few more classes with the part time student and I'm totally out of that myserable place that give me such bad impression.  But I have no regrets in teaching all the classes that I have thought and I wish I could stay on longer to teach them more about the Interior Design which I think I have a lot more to teach them.
I do hope they are in save hands and since now I am no longer a lecturer, I am their friend.



Yumi said...

oh...u're still teaching..okok
gud luck...

anny said...

Hold your head up high... and leave with dignity... cos u did nothing wrong. Never let them make you feel small...

Ken said...

Yumi. I only another 3 more classes and I'm done with the college.

Ken said...

Anny: No worries, I only get to see them for that few classes only. After that, is all history.

Canvas Prints said...

Teaching is a very noble profession, so be proud. You should never let other people undermine your capabilities. Prove them wrong. Excel in what you do, and that would be more than enough.

Ken said...

I will try my best in education industry, I do like teaching. But now they tell me just a diploma holder is not good enough. They need degree. That is why now I'm left in the middle.

But I still do advice my students whenever they called ;)

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I agree with Anny. Just don't bother what people say. You know you did your best so that's enough :D

Ken said...

Thank you Spiff. So are you going to help me blast those ppl with your super duper ray gun :) LOL

yoon see said...

You are the best Ken.
I met up with you, I know you are great teacher.
Live up your full spirit Ken!

Ken said...

Yonn See: Thank you, btw thanks for calling and sorry my phone is kinda soft that you can't hear me and I've to shout through the phone :)

Nessa said...

Ken, don't give them the pleasure of knowing you are affected by their stupid actions. Carry on with your life, and show them you're better than them!

Ken said...

Hahaha..will definitely. Just don't want to be related to them anymore. once my part-time student class is done. I'll leave that ugly place forever.

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