I'm Sorry

Is the word "I'm Sorry" overated?
To some people, "I'm Sorry" is really hard to say and to some, "I'm Sorry" is just another word with no substance to it.  When the word is said do you really mean it?  But I guess that is not just the point.  In order to say "I'm Sorry" please do find out what is the reason that you are being sorry for.
One can say "I'm Sorry" a million times, but yet did not know what he/she did wrong.  Then what is the purpose for saying "I'm Sorry", that just prove that he/she does not mean it from the heart.  Even after finding out the truth for being sorry would you let history repeats by itself?  Then I would say the second sorry doesn't mean anything at all.
So, think twice before you get yourself into the same trouble again and again and again.  "Sorry" does not work when you say it too many times.



catherine said...

i agree with u!no matter in what situation,too many sorries just make sick..

yoon see said...


Ken said...

catherine: thx for dropping by ;)

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