Earth Hour

So happy that my parents are taking part in it too, it was definitely a surprise when I reached him around 8:32pm all the lights were off.  But sadly not all my neighbors are taking part, I'm sure it would be nice if they too do the same.
Only two reasons, either they don't know or they are ignorant that is all I can conclude.  Anyway "Happy Earth Hour!!!"



Anny said...

wahhhhhhhhhhh.. ur parents so cool la :)

Emila Yusof said...

very supportive parents!!

yea i can see that my neigbours are not switching off their lights too. I assumed similar like what you've mentioned.

Ken said...

anny: I did tell my mom before I went out. I thought they just listen and will do nothing :)

I guess I was wrong :)

Ken said...

Emila: yup supportive indeed. Hopefully the coming Earth Hour my neighbour would be more supportive :)

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Yeah same here.. I did more than 1 hour last nite...

Ken said...

Aki: Good, I'm use to play my computer in the dark so it doesn't matter on or off the lights :D

Anny said...

i did more than 1 hr too.. cos my dad had the hall light on.. hahahhaa.. so tak aci la cikit.. :D

Anny said...

Ken.. playing laptop in darkness not good for ur eyes... spoil ur eyes

Ken said...

Anny: um...I'm kinda use to it... :D to me it's like watching movie in the cinema lo ahhahaha

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