Infrared Effect

It was a chain reaction on how I got to learn the Infrared Effect.  As usual a visit to Emila's Illustrated Blog on a daily basis or should I say seconds, just to get FC (first comment).  From there it directed me to Aki's Kotakitam blog with a very simple tutorial on how to create Infrared Effect.  And I tried and these are the few images with Infratred Effect.
What do you think? Nice?

This was taken on my first trip to Bangkok to visit my brother and having lunch under this big tree back in October 2006.
And the rest of below image are taken by my good friend and a sister to me, Ashley Kwong.  When she was studying New York and took these images during spring time.  I wish Malaysia have four seasons too....LOL



Emila Yusof said...

Wow! great pictures Ken!!!!!

Ken said...

Thank you. unfortunately I only took one...the rest are take by my friend :) hehehe

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Very nice Ken!!! I really like the 1st pic! Macam alam kayangan!

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Thanks for the linkie Ken! Hebat gambar2 infrared ni... Keep on to produce more ye! Aki tunggu...

Ken said...

Aki: Glad that it's nice and thanks to your tutorial saya dapat achieve infrared images...Kalau ada gambor cantik sure buat punya ;)

Anny said...

WOW! i must say... your infra images are really great! i love the subtle colors... i like the 1st picture most... cos it has a dreamy effect :)

Anny said...

Keep on testing ya Ken! love to see more of your pictures.

Ken said...

Anny: Thanks a lot. Never thought the one I took was the best among the rest I posted.

Will definitely take more pix when I get myself a nice camera...still saving money for it :D

baincardin said...

alamaaakkk...soooo cunla ur IR! I'm still workin' on it but as I told u b4,..d output is still in misery! :(

u keep shooting+experimenting ya Ken!

Ken said...

Bain: thank you thank you. apa terjadi with your IR? I just simply follow instruction je :)

I'll definitely keep shooting+experimenting :) hopefully not too late too pick up this hobby :D

yoon see said...

Well done, very beautiful Ken!

Ken said...

thank you yoon see. thanks to aki's tutorial sharing :D

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