It Is Here!!!

I was tuesday evening 17th March 2009 when I reached home and saw a parcel on my table.  The only thing I could think of is Diya's handmade cards.  But when I opened it, to my surprise there are more to it then just greeting cards but keychains as well.
Love all of them and seriously, I don't feel like using them as all the hard work that has been put into making the card, but if I don't it, it is going to lay there and collect dust.  How?!?!?!  Most likely I'm going to use it because I have too many things that I keep and it is about time to use it.  If not I think I don't have a place to sleep.
Thank you Diya and it is really beautiful.  For those of you who would like some personal touch on your greeting cards please do drop by diYadEaRY's.... ♥ you can find beautiful hand made cards there.



yoon see said...

You are so luck Ken.
See, in time of sorrow, you have friends and they are here for you....cheer you up......give you courage!
Diya is one:)

diyadeary said...

Ken, i'm happy like all of them! :)
the keychains are looks cuter in ur picture. neway, thanks for the post ya!

take care ken!

Ken said...

Yoon See: thx but this was long time ago for the contest held by Diya it just reached only :)

Ken said...

Diya: I just link you up as I totally forgotten :) love those keychains.

Aki (kotakitam) said...

So nice and so creative! U must be thrilled to have all those amazing cards!

Ken said...

Yes, definitely. Love them all...want to keep but then it's going to be a waste and keep it.

To use or not to use...LOL

Emila Yusof said...

wah you got them already!!! very nice!!!

Ken said...

yes...very nice love them all :D

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