Really Bad News

It barely reaches 3 days after my birthday and all the bad energy has flown into my life.  One after another, that almost make my heart stopped pumping.
The day after my birthday a close friend of mine, Jimmie ask me out to hang out and with delight I agreed as I was dead bored at home.  When I was about to go out I found out my car radiator is leaking and I can't drive it as it might just over heat my engine and burn.  (case 1)
Thanks to another close friend, Lek Wei who is willing to send me to my destination with no complains.  Finally met up with Jimmie but the outing was ended right after he receive a SMS from his boss, who insist him to work during weekends.  I was mad at him and the boss and I actually SMS him some nasty text, and I guess I over did it and now he is mad at me. (case 2)
On Monday colleged call me up and ask me to pick up my pay cheque.  With pleassure I went to collect it and banked in.  On Tuesday they called me up and said the management has made "some" mistake that actually I'm not suppose to get paid for the month of January and February since I don't have classes.  When I heard that I totally spaced out as where am I going to find that few thousands to return back especially the January pay cheque?  Now it is March do you think the money is still around? (case 3)
All these just just happened in three days and I was just having my greatest time with my friends and now within three days so many things had happen.  I totally lost my appetite to eat and was so worried how am I going to go through all these problems.



Bearbear said...

After the clouds ... comes the sunshine!
After the winter ... comes the spring!
After the shower ... comes the rainbow!
After the night ... comes the day!

Think positive!!! hehe

Yumi said...

oh gosh..well, after sure good things will come pouring and pouring...heehe

Anny said...

i left a song for u... on my side :D njoy it... Why Worry :D take care Ken!

Phirence said...

Dont worry, remember our slogan? Hehehee.....


yoon see said...

Take it easy,
life is so unpredictable:(
But be positive!

Marvic said...

seriously that so many negative aura around u..i am so sorry to hear that bad news..hope u are feeling better now

Ken said...

yes. definitely all the negative aura is surrounding me. everyday has something bad happens.

Anson said...

Ken... No worries la, everything just like a sand go into ur eye, after u get over it, it's another journey of life~ We all facing somekind of troubles, it's depends how the individual deal with it or stood infront of the trouble and sigh...

Gambateh! Anson here to cheers u up!

Ken said...

Thank you Anson,

But when you are in my shoe then you will probably feel different as a bystander. Anyway thank you for your encourage words.

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