Pictorial Tag

I have been tagged by Diya on the 25th Feb. 2009 and I was then busy with my work didn't really have time to do it.  As you can see the name and I'm sure you can tell what kind of tagged it is.  And it took me a while to find all the necessary pictures I wanted.
As usual, there are rules to follow with it and it is pretty simple.
Use google image to search the answers to the questions below.  You must choose the first picture from the first page of the results and post it as your answer.  After that tag 7 people.

[1] the age of my next birth day

[2] place I'd like to travel to

[3] favorite food

[4] favorite place

[5] nicknames I've had

[6] favorite colour

[7] college major

[8] name of my love

[9] hobby

[10] bad habits

[11] my wishlist

[12] and I'm tagging


[lek wei]



[wei khean]

[yoon see]



Anny said...

Thanks for the tag :D glad ur site is all ok again!

Nessa said...

Is that me?? I don't recognize 'my' picture... dancing some more... hehe

Hey Ken, hope you're feeling much better. Sori to hear about the problems plaguing you. Just hang in there.

Thanks for the tag.

yoon see said...

Thanks for the tag Ken.
I will do it when I am free:)

-Lek Wei- said...

thx for the tag. =)

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