Two Face

As on my prevous post on "Really Bad News" and I guess the story don't just stopped there.  I was cracking my head to solve all the problems there is and finally manage to settle most of them especially the college case which I have to sell my car in order settle that problem.
On Wednesday, 11th March, 2009 I had another shocking news.  The management called me and tells me that for this coming semester they do not need my service.  I was shock and my jaw almost dropped to the floor.  If you don't need my service, you could have told me even in January itself when I was waiting for the college to start on the 16th March, 2009.  They dragged me and only inform me last minute, if I new this earlier I could have planned for something else.  I know I may be a part-time lecturer but at least some courtesy to call me earlier then to let me know last minute.
When the college is in need of lecturers, even with my diploma they would employ as part-time lecturer but when things are better, they just push you around like some "thing".  Totally have no respect for others.  Now I know the true meaning of the chinese saying "Human Face, Beart Heart" they show you the human side on the exterior but deep in the heart it is as black as the ink itself.  Before I join the college I already mention that I even when the short semester I need to teach in order to survived, they agreed.  But in the end all I get was this horrible ending.
They have cost me to sell my car and now leave me hanging jobless.  At times like these, company are retrenching employees and I have no idea what is next.  Never trust people who promises you heaven, in the end they only lead you to hell and rot.
This is a very simple fact that deep in the core of the management have problems and do you think whatever comes out of it is good?  I really hope and prayed that the students are in save hands under such chaotic management.



Yumi said...

omg...i cudnt believe what they did to you. ishq..i never expect..well...we all never expect it to be dat way..ishq..mengeramkan me also..
but..til the point u hav to sell ur car..dats REALLY REALLY fREaky-ly BAD..omg..i'm really sorry u hav to go through this..
ishq..stupid ppl...i mean them..

Ken said...

what to do, was too naive to believe what people can promise, but in the end all i get is all this crap.

Milkberry said...

Oh God, Ken, I am so sorry. The management really doesn't care about other people's welfare, it's just unbelievable. From what I've read, they are incompetent, too. I'll pray for things to pick up for you, Ken. Stay strong and I know it's cliche and hard to believe but don't lose hope.

Ken said...

I'm keeping my finger crossed and hope for the better now. The problem now is I'm neither here nor there with times like this.

No worries, I won't let myself just die and wonder aimlessly...will definitely find my way. Even work as waiter also I don't mind :)

Emila Yusof said...

Ken!! That is bad news!! I am so sorry to hear that! Just try and get jobs first, if cannot you can always freelance and I can show you more how to make money online!

anny said...

tats the spirit Ken! u have the talent.. u will find the way! good luck man :)

Yumi said...

no..not naive...they shudnt leave u hanging in the 1st place. oh gosh. sudah give bad impression. haihz..i still cant believe that.
really hope the best will come to u..

Ken said...

Emila: Thank you and I really need a lot of guidance from you. Seriously now I'm just neither here nor there. That is the hardest part.

But I'm still keeping my options open and optimistic about it.

Ken said...

Anny: Thank you, I thought it through. be is shine or rain...the world never stops turning, why let these things stop me from achieving what I want.

The days still pass by be is sad or happy. I maybe suffering now, but I guess I'm still better off then some people.

Nininja said...

Mr ken, they did that to u? OMG...... Now I really feel hopeless n meaningless toward d college. Actually I hv this feeling last year. But d lecturers keep asking me to stay or else they will only left 1 GD student for VC08AB. I regret that I stay. I should hv changed earlier. So sorry to hear that. Hope u were alright.

yoon see said...

Sorry to drop by late Ken.
I am so sorry to hear this:(

All I can do is just pray for you.
Be strong and have faith in time of adversity, you will be able to overcome it. You will be able excel and be able to do better than the current situation.

I am glad you share with us, so that we are more careful in all things we do now & in the future.

Remember, you still have us here that really care and support you.
Not all friends are really friends, you must be able to identify the good and bad ones.

Ken said...

Hi Nininja: Yup, that is what happen to me and seriously that makes me feel very disappointed with the whole management.

And sad to say, I have to be the sacrificial lamb that cost me a lot of things. Are you in your final year? If yes, then don't bother changing if no then you can consider since it is not famous for Graphic Design but Architectural.

Ken said...

Yoon See: Thank you for calling and concern about my situation. No worries I won't let this things stopped just here and now.

What is said and done, on my other post "White piece of paper" stated clearly that I am not that easily breakdown. I won't let this burden me and will move on.

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