Happy Labour Day!!!

It's Labour Day and it's going to holiday and I'm going to have a long long holiday till I get my next job. Finally left the place, away from the "monster" and back to job seeking again. I did went for a few interview before I left the place and all give the same old answer, "We will get back to you". When that word is out, in my mind "slim chance". But it is alright, I have not give up hope in searching for a new job.
Meanwhile I can concentrate on Living Tapestry the company that sells throw cushion which I would like to launch 1st May, 2009 but due to my busy week working on a 9 to 6 job everything just got caught up and held up. I am still trying to push it to open very very soon.
By the way I have not been blogging that often too ever since I started working. And when I login my blogspot, there seems to make some changes to the page and I can't seems to do a lot of things with my new post. I wonder what really happen in between the time I went MIA. Now I can't select the fonts I wanted, the size I wanted and even align left, right or centre, all these command tab just went missing and I wonder what really happened?
Anyway I'm back to blog as usual the daily stuff whenever possible. I have no intention of stopping. Do come by whenever possible...glad to be back!!!



yoon see said...

Blogging is great, it's not just about sharing, it is to connect to friends and some new bloggers out there.
Same here, they are a lot of parents called up just to survey and they just said get back to us...then no more calling back.
No matter the fee I offer is low, medium or high, it's the same.
So, only those want to study will come to me, I think it's "jodoh"....between the student and me.

Working 9-6 if quite normal but most of the times need to stay back without OT.
That's why most of my ID friends already quit this line.....

Lastly, Happy labour day to you Ken and may you have the time to rush things out for your shop soon.
Take care.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Hey Ken, Happy Labour day. How you been? Haven't seen you round in a while. Keep well, ok?

Ken said...

yoon see: Thank for the advice and comment.

Spiff: Yes I have been busy lately. Either I'm working a 5 days week, 9 to 6 job or busy setting up my online business stuff.
Was hoping to open shop this month but I guess too late. Have to postpone another month.

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