Life And Death

Life and death is definitely a part of our life and it is unavoidable.  Just recently my best friend related some stories to me and I find it a little inhuman but at the same time is it for the best everyone?
If you know someone who is dying of old age and over 90% is going to leave this place to Nirvana, and the only thing that is sustaining his/her life are just some tubes going into the weak and fragile body.  The question now is who are we to play "god"?  Do we just end the life of the person who is lying on the bed or sustain it to the very last breath of air.
To end the life of one who is still alive would be inhuman, but not to end it and let him/her still suffering on the bed is also inhuman.
The same friend, relate another story about his neighbor to me and I find it silly and yet pity the old man who is about to die.  What really happen was the doctor ask the family to bring the old man back to wait for him to die of old age.  But when the old man reach home and all he could see is hut being build and everything is ready for his death.  If you where in his shoe, how do you feel?  It is like I'm waiting for you to die, it all set up for your funeral quickly die!  Poor old man die a day after that, I would too because of heart sick and disappointment.
Sometimes dealing with dying people are just so hard, just like what they say an egg on the fence, don't know whether to fall left or right both.  To end the life or not?



Anny said...

We should never play God.. everyone will have his time and place in this life.

Hey.. hope your are coping well in ur new job.. hang in there ya!

Ken said...

I'm not and the doctor says I got high blood pressure. I'm quitting soon and look for others.

::. Anton ::. said...

You are most correct. We can't play God. In Buddha Dharmma, it is same like an act of killing, which is a heinous crime. Death is a certainty, and the demise of a person is the natural exhaustion of his lifeforce. Your post reminded me of my lte-Dad's best friend who wanted to pull the plug on his mom who was in coma. My Dad stopped him fm doing so. She woke up. That was 20years ago, and she is still very much alive today and in good health. :)


Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Death is a part of life. I just hope when it's my time to go, it'll be painful and that I would have fulfilled all the things I need to do :D

Ken said...

Anton: Serious, ones life is not for us to take. I do believe in timing. There is always a time for everything.
Sorry for the late respond, been busy lately.

Spiff: Do I see a typo error? Or I got it wrong? You wanted a painful death? LOL I do hope when my time has come I have done what I wanted and have no regrets :)

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