Have you ever...

Have you ever
treat your friends closer than your family
but they treat you as just another friend

Have you ever
care so much it makes breaks you up inside
but all he only care is what people think of him

Have you ever
cried yourself to sleep at night
to find your best friend don't even care

Have you ever
treasure your friend as priceless treasures
but only to fine you are just not that important

Have you ever
pour all you secrets to your best friend
to find he keeps secrets from you

Have you ever
needed answers so bad
you can't sleep at night

Have you ever
try to say the words
but they just don't come out right

Have you ever

H a v e   y o u   e v e r . . . 

What do I got to do to make you understand?

What do I got to do do make you trust me?



diyadeary said...

ken, its always happened to me..
takpe la ken..let them be that way.. yang penting, bukan kita yg mcm itu..

take care ken.. ;)

Ken said...

setuju dgn diya :D

verna said...

hmmmmmmmm...sounds very familiar like a song i know...haha...yes ken i think all of us will feel like this once before in our life time...jus let go and move on. happiness comes from within ourselves, dun go looking for it from others...its my philosophy these days ;)

Ken said...

hahaha got it...

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