Redang Beach Resort A Big "NO"

It has been raining almost for the past few days and the best escape is to hit east side of peninsular of Malaysia for some sun, sea, sand and beaches. What is more better place to go? Redang island?
Yes, that would be one of the choice but I guess making the right decision to stay in the right place is very important. Just recently my buddy went to Redang with a bunch of his friends to have fun at this island but then something shocking happen that really kills their fun filled trip and have to cut it short instead.
They where staying at this place called Redang Beach Resort and one of his friend (a girl) were bathing and saw a hand actually using a camera phone taking picture of her while bathing. By the time they ran out to inspect, obviously the criminal has ran off. What he actually did was standing on the compressor located behind the building and took pic or video which we don't know.
What I really suspect was definitely people working there, as they know in and out of the place but somehow the management denies all accusation against them. I think they management should do something about it, by the way I would not even stay there ever since the whole management are most likely not going to do something about it, be it finding out who is the culprit or do something to the bathroom and make it more secure to use.
Pay so much for such service, might as well I go other cheaper resort with better securities.  Totally disappointed with their service and attitude.
[that is where the hand come in with the mobile phone to take video or picture]

[that is where the guy stand on with all the foot print all over the compressor]



Anonymous said...

thanks for the sharing. so terrible the security system over there.

Ken said...

yes. and the management are not doing anything about it.

That is the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

really!? i think i have to consider to change another resort on my next redang vacation.

Ken said...

I would rather pay for a cheaper resort with better security then this one.

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