My Animated GIF

Animated GIF files, ever wonder how to do it?  Just as curious as cats, I went digging and searching on how to do it.  And finally I found it and it was just very basic on how to get it done.  And I wanted to do something more and I almost cracked my head down my own animated GIF files and finally I got something out and this a very simple animated GIF I've done.
It took me one whole morning to do this simple animated GIF, which I have tried earlier before and it failed then I try and try and think of all the possible ways of doing it and finally it is done.  I am so happy I learned something new today and it is going to last forever.
This is the animated GIF file with the link to "Living Tapestry" a online shopping that I have been creating with the help of Emila from Emila's Illustrated Blog.  Hopefully the online business will go according as plan on the 1st May 2009 as the official launch of the website.  I also place this little animated I created at the side bar too.
Please do drop by then to see what I have install for everyone.  For the time being the website is still under construction.
Stay tune for more about "Living Tapestry".



Anny said...

Pretty cool animated banner. Aki has a tutorial on his site.. which is pretty easy tutorial to follow.. check out his side.

Glad your shop gonna open soon! I wait with anticipation :) and waiting for all ur handmade stuffs... good luck and happy sewing quickly.. :)

Ken said...

Anny: really, I will drop by definitely :)

thank you ;)

Emila Yusof said...

cool!!! so I no need to make for you oredi hehe!

yoon see said...

Keep up your good work:)
Ken, you are very handworking!

Anny said...

I am so proud of you Ken!

Ken said...

Yes, you're busy and don't dare to kacau too much so try my luck lo :) dapat jugak hehehehe

Ken said...

yoon see: have to, if not we will fall behing in this technology age :)

Ken said...

Anny: thanks for all the encourage words :)

A little thank you goes a long way :)

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Nice! :) Love the colors... very relaxing....

Ken said...

Aki: hehehe...thank you...try byk kali baru dapat ni...LOL

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