Sewing The Cushion Of Passion

Wonder what I have been busy lately, besides learning animated GIF?  Yes I'm busy sewing, sewing cushion covers to sell as part of my side income.  Since I'm jobless for so long, I need something to fall back on.  While sewing I learn quite a fair bit about fabrics, and it is never easy sewing all different types of fabric which they have their own character.  I have been learning a lot these few days, I will never stop learning as long as I have the will to.
As you can see these are just a small preview of what I will be selling on Living Tapestry online store.  Besides that I'm going to have a giveaway soon, and the giveaway price would be one of these cushions you see here.  Interested?  Stay tune for more information about the giveaway.



Emila Yusof said...

Whoaaa!!!!! those are beautiful ken!!!! I loveeeeeee!!!!!

Ken said...

hehehe :) thank you...

jahit sampai jari put sakit :( but it paid off la :)

Anny said...

I love your perseverance! I respect u... :)

yoon see said...

So cool ken!
You are very creative and your hardwork really paid off:)
Keep up your good work:)

Ken said...

Anny: Thank you. I like the photos you take too...very beautiful. next :)

Ken said...

yoon see: yup after all the hardwork and something bloom out of it is the best feeling :)

Aki (kotakitam) said...

Eh cantik ler... tak de jual ke? Leh Aki tambah kusyen untuk my day bed! Hehe... hah, kaum2 wanita sekalian.. sapa kata lelaki cam kita org ni tak reti menjahit! Hehe... (Aki memang tak pandai.. kena mintak Ken ajarkan lah cam ni)

Ken said...

Aki: of course it's for sale. Kedai buka 1 May LOL. you ajar i adobe I ajar u jahit ok...LOL

Nessa said...

Those are fabulous. Very professionally sewn cushion covers. Congrats!!

Ken said...

Nessa: Thank you very much. Want to buy some for your home :) heheheh

Anny said...

I will be buying from u.. to support ur opening :) hey.. do ur web up.. i can post the banner on my site to give u promo too :)

Aki... saya tak tau menjahit with sewing machine.. hhahahaa.. sapa kata semua kaum wanita tau menjahit.. hehhehehee Kena ambik lesson dari Ken jugo :)

Ken said...

anny: LOL no worries who know, I'll open a sewing class instead of interior design...LOL

yoon see said...

How many types of cushion you are offering Ken?
I want some cushions with green, minimal & zen approach:)
May be I can show you the images, so that you have some ideas in mind Ken!

Ken said...

yoon see: a few range I'm offering anyway you can email me the image and I see what I got.

Wei Khean said...

hey Ken, can't go to the link when I click. Anyway, can't wait to see your creative creation!

Ken said...

Really? Which link you click on? I did not create any link on this post. But the animated gif I created can link to the website I created :)

yoon see said...

Thanks Ken:)
Sure. I will finalize it soon!

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