Mysterious Fear

After so many month not working in an office environment, I felt very nervous.  Taking the LRT was a drag and worst, it is pack during peak hours.  That is what I hate the most and I am almost late for work on the first day.

Ok that is not what I feared most, but I have been hearing stories about this person in the office who is even has more say than the boss himself.  It was my first day but he was on leave, before I start work my friend who introduce me this job already warn me about this guy.  As I stepped intot he office and slowly take over a current on going job and I have been hearing things about this mysterious man.  How inconsiderate he is, and how arrogant he can be at times.
With all these statements and comments it really gives me a lot of pressure as I'm going to take over quite a big project, and I am sure all designers hate to take over project and would rather start from scratch.  It is really troublesome to understand the whole situation from zero in just days.  I am going to have a hard time and I have already prepare myself a bullet proof vest to be ready in all situations.
Now I know why I got this job so easily, one it is because I did not ask for high pay.  Second they could not find people to fill in the position in such a short notice and a manger from hell.



diyadeary said...

good luck ken on ur new job. :)

::. Anton ::. said...

There's alwiz office politics to be dealt with as part and parcel of worklife. My experience is to alwiz gain so much knowledge in the job that'll be the best backup against it. It's not 100% foolproof tho' coz it may attract envious eyes too.

All the best in your new environment. ^_^

Ken said...

diya: thank you

Anton: I seriously don't know how long I'm going stay here. already hv the feeling of quitting...LOL

::. Anton ::. said...

OhMyFcukingGaga!!! lolz

Gawat gawat, sabar sabar! ^_^

Ken said...

a lot of things that added to the factor I wanted to quit...LOL

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