Monster Inc.

Finally I get to me the infamous "monster" everyone was talking about.  He was exactly how they say about him.  All I can say is "He is one hell of a prideful person".  His pride is going to kill him one day.
I was anxiously waiting for the "monster" to show up but at the same time I was having butterfly in my stomach.  As he enters the room, it is definitely pin drop silence.  Everybody is fear of him and as fear appear, comes hate.  He is popular among colleagues but not in a good way.
Just let me briefly give my review of this so call "monster".  He is in his 50's, single and he likes to boast just about almost everything.  He thinks he is a walking encyclopedia?  The jokes he tells were so lame that we have to tickle ourselves to laugh and he thinks his jokes were the greatest ever told.  The way he talks to others are like as though he is the smartest man on the face of the earth, talk with all the pride that is oozing out from deep within.
I wonder how long I can stand the "monster", the usual me I would probably have left but I guess I am testing my patient, besides that I needed a job to pay for my expenses.  So I am not leaving anytime soon.  Money is more important then a "monster" giving me hard time.



tommyzine said...

ken, good luck in ur work yea

kill the "monster" asap and take over his pose XD

Emila Yusof said...

good luck, ken!

i remember a saying; if you can't beat them, join them. be a monster yourself? hehehee

Ken said...

tommy: that monster is not easy to kill

emila: I think me and the monster is at a different level, kind of hard to even blend in :(

::. Anton ::. said...

Time to practise patience. :) This guys sounds like a lonely insecure man. When he falls, it'll be a very hard fall.

Do take care. ^^


Ken said...

I guess so, I even have colleague told me that I have been "doa" he die quickly...I don't know whether he's joking or not. LOL

yoon see said...

Just be yourself Ken.
Speak his language and Emila is right!

Ken said...

yoon see: I'll definitely be myself and I would not want to speaks his language.

yoon see said...

Sorry, may be you get me wrong but sometime we speak his language doesn't mean we will lose ourselves.
There must be a limit on how much we can to give and take.
No give no take. Not to say biar saja!
You blog here also is a kind some relief. Don't you agree Ken?

Ken said...

yoon see: I do agree and I would definitely leaving that place for sure.

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