One Man's Food Is Another Man's Poison

For the pass two days, I have been troubled by my close friend irrational decision.  He was caught up in bad situation like me but in different ways, now the both of us are jobless but worst is he is in Singapore.  He wanted to go Singapore to work in bakery but ended up not getting any job there but in some beauty products company which he also has experience with.
Just to cut the story short, he thinks that is not enough to cover his expenses and would want to study overseas and work there to earn money.  First of all he don't have the money to fly there and worst, in order to study there you need to have at least RM30k as downpayment to study there.  We do have a friend working there but illegally and he seems doing fine and I guess he thinks is alright too.  I guess he never thought of "one man's food, is another man's poison".  It my suit my friend and might not suit him.
Besides that where is he going to find the downpayment for his studies?  I serioulsy did not know what is going on in his brain, I guess he thinks that the grass on the other is always greener.  To me, the grass everywhere is the same it is just how you see it.
I was in a desperate and depressing situation but I move out of it and move on with my life.  Life is never smooth sailing my friend.  I know you have all your family burdens upon you but why waste energy worrying about things of tomorrow, might as well put your energy in good use and let tomorrow worried about tomorrow. 
All I can do is to wish him well and hope he knows what he is doing, I don't want him to feel regret one after another dissapointment with his dreams in Singapore.  Probably this is not the right time yet to work in the dream work you always wanted, but that does not mean it is gone forever.  Time will come again.  I know you are upset that I'm not supporting your idea, that is just because I care and I don't want you to regret later on.



Nessa said...

All you can do is advise him. He seemed to have made his decision already ya.

'A good friend should always be there for you, listen, but talk back to you, not always agree to everything you say, be loyal and most of all you always have to be able to trust them.'

Ken said...

That is all I can do I guess.

TH said...

I agree with you grass is everywhere, once a friend betrayed me and til now still not change so.. I the the friend go..

Ken said...

There are things left it as it is is better then do try and try and try to mend it if there is no something else and forget about it. no point wasting time and energy over it :D

Anonymous said...

most importantly we can balance our dream n reality in this real world i think.

we need passion to our dream ,life, work , anything...... instead of thinking the prob , we better step forward. Do watever in front of you before you stop in somewhere or step backward.

in order to see a bigger picture you will have to step back! Don stay in the box. Think big!

god bless.

Ken said...

thank you anonymous for the "in order to see a bigger picture, step back" very very true...taking a few steps back may not be a bad idea after all...LOL

yoon see said...

All is about timing.
And I do agree with anonymous too:)

Ken said...

me 2 :)

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