Just recently I met up with someone that is unsincere and he really gives me a bad impression about him ever since the incident.  A friend introduce him while we were out having our drinking session, the usual place "mamak".  He was friendly and he does Sales & Marketing so I guess it is his nature that he does talk a lot.  At the moment I'm still alright with him and find that he is kind of friendly and easy to get along.

The second meet up was just a coincidence that I'm suppose to meet a friend for dinner and so happen he was there went I went to pick up my friend and of course he knew my friend too.  So we went dinner togather but he left early as he was tired and he left his bag in my car (or should I say my friends car that I borrowed) and wanted to go and get it before he leave.  I pass him the car key to get his back.  Everything just went normal and I send my other friend back to get his car and I went home.
But the next day when I wanted to go out and wanted to open the passenger door behind the driver, the handle totally spoiled.  All I can think of is he put his bag behind me and if he spoil it why didn't he confess it and just keep quiet about it?!?!  Just like the malay saying "melontar batu, sembunyi tangan" pulak, so unsincere.  I seriously would not want to be friends with such unsincere person. 



iYda Juhar said...

Yalah kan, kalu mau lontar pon tak payah takot nak tunjuk tangan tuh kan?



Ken said...

Dare to do, dare to admit...tapi tidak..buat tak tau je...geram betul!!!

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