I have been busy with lately, helping my friend and haven't really got the time to update my blog.  There are a lot of things I would like to share and I kept it in my head for too long and it seems like it is slowly vanishing.
But one thing that comes to my mind late was, "What am I doing?  What have I done?  I'm already in my mid 30's and I don think I have achieve anything great in life!"  compared to some who is younger than me who have their own car and house.  What do I have?  Nothing, but full of debts.
I have gone through this hardship once and I have no idea why I am falling back into the same trap again.  Haven't I learned my lession?  The last lesson was a hard fall and I have no idea why am I back in it.  I better find ways to get through it soon before it is too late and fall future.
Why is human so stubborn, knowing the things they do are wrong and yet still want to do it or knowing it is a trap and yet still want to walk into it.  I wonder is that call stupidity or blindness of the heart.  Sometimes after learning from the mistake and yet still make it again, I guess that is too human of us.



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