Restaurant City

Few weeks back, I was totally addicted to this game call Restaurant City in Facebook.  It is quite similar to SIM City but this one only about restaurant.  What can you do in a restaurant?  Pretty much, like food you serve, decorations, and employees.
With Restaurant City you need people to run the shop i.e. Cook & Waiter, without them your shop won't earn enough money for you to buy things to decorate up your shop, as you see in figure 1.1 is a plain interior as you play and earn money you get to decorate it in figure 1.2.
(figure 1.1)

(figure 1.2)
Like normal any other game you need to level up, in order to make your shop bigger and more employment to run the restaurant.  Besides that you need to feed your employee, if not the energy level will gradually reduce and if it reached zero you can see that they are all fainted on the floor and not work.  As work stopped, no income, no deco...LOL
Besides the interior, you get to deco the exterior as well.  Of course it is going to cost you money again.  In this game it is all about money, without it your shop is just a plain shop.  As you can see in figure 2.1 is the plain exterior and figure 2.2 is a much decorated exterior.
(figure 2.1)

(figure 2.2)
I have already max out my shop and just play to probably level up every single recipy in my menu if possible which I think it is quite impossible.  How to level up the menu, you have a bunch of ingredients like, chocolate, carrots, chicken and etc. each day you get a free ingredient and a Q&A session, once you answer correctly you a ingredient.  With this ingredient you can level up ur dish (max level 10).
It is quite fun and I guess I am at the end of my game and look for new game in Facebook.



Wei Khean said...

Hey Ken, sorry didn't stop by at your blog for a long time. Restaurant City seems like a fun game. I have yet to play the game. Thanks for recommending it to me on facebook. :)

Ken said...

It's alright, I have been busy to update it lately too.
you should see my restaurant in fb. it's damn big...LOL

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