This is no ordinary gathering and I'm sure it is going to hit the 7pm news on TV today and the news stand for tomorrow papers. It is the HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) gathered right outside the DAP office right in the neighborhood.

I don't really blog anything political and just just leave you with some of the photos of the gathering which brings even the police force are here. I guess I am faster then the 7pm news......

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-Lek Wei- said...

wau.. just in front of your house. faster than CNN. lol. what they wan to fight for?

Ken said...

Dono see newspaper or watch TV evening news la...LOL

Khemy said...

Save the Kg Buah Pala, Penang..
haha..i tengok the star online..

::. Anton ::. said...

They are protesting over the Kg. Buah pala issue and is blaiming Lim Guan Eng for it.

Wah Ken.... really fast reporting wor! ^_^


Ken said...

Khemy: thanks for the info

Anton: fast because it's just in front of my house...frankly I don't like DAP near my house...

Nessa said...

Nice pictures, live from ground zero.. hehehe

Careful Ken.. got FRU some more, nanti kena siram air ;)

I'm just really fed up with the political mumbo jumbo... manyak cakap seja.

Btw, I don't watch the evening news anymore. The Star pun tak baca.

ms. diya said...

scary laa..

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Whoa, that must have been exciting ... nothing like that happens in my area ... siggghhh ...

Ken said...

Nessa: Kena siram air I don't think so la did not see any bomba. Seriously I don't like the DAP in my neighbour. Whenever they have big meetings, they simply park their cars even block ppl's uneducated yet in politics..

ms.diya: was scary at first after that I just duduk kat rumah watch TV...LOL

Spiff: that is exciting? why don't i ask DAP move to your neighbour. I just hate them, inconsiderate bastards. Whenever they have big meetings, they simply park their cars even block ppl's uneducated yet in politics..

yoon see said...

I know where it is. near your house right! I saw the gathering too:)

Ken said...

really? where you around during that time at rumah hope?

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