Living Tapestry Contest

18" x 18" - 2pcs & 18" x 11" - 1 pcs

It has been awhile since my last giveaway contest and the time has come for another contest. In conjunction with the opening of my new online store Living Tapestry. I am going to held a contest, who can give my newly open online store the best SLOGAN wins the contest.

Here are the rules and regulations
  1. Give a slogan for Living Tapestry my new online store and the reason why?
  2. Post your entry at your blog and link it to this post (1 entry) and Living Tapestry (1 entry)
  3. Add the animated GIF to you side bar when the contest is running (3 entries) [get the html. below]
  4. Get a friend to join, you and your friend will get (1 entry each). Please state who introduce and link to his/her post too.
  5. International entries are allowed.
  6. Each entry's slogan will have to be posted in separate post, it does not matter if is on the same day.
  7. The contest will be running simultaneously with another blog, Mystery Zone. Updates on the entries from both blogs will be posted weekly till the contest ends.
  8. Contest runs from now till end of the month, 31st July 2009 11:59pm (GST +8:00).
  9. Leave a comment here to state you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements and I will do my surprise visit to your post.
  10. We will base on the entries to select the best slogan best fits Living Tapestry.
  11. With the best slogan, the winner will get to win prizes worth RM100 sponsored by Living Tapestry.
  12. Living Tapestry have the right to replace the prize with the same value.
  13. The winner will be announced at Living Tapestry website on 3rd August 2009.
  14. Living Tapestry reserve the rights to use the winning slogan at their discreet.
So fellows better start cracking your head for some interesing slogans. Very eager to see all the entries and hope see you guys pour in with entries.

Living Tapestry Shop



Spiff, The Spaceman said...

A contest? Cool. I'm definitely going to take part :D

Emila Yusof said...

Cool contest! Will definitely join!! Let me put my thinking cap first and come out with the best slogan!!

Ken said...

Good...Spiff you just make my day :D

Ken said...

All the best then Kak Emila...btw thx!

Anny said...

wah sehhhhhhh.. the rules very long la gor gor.. hehehehhee

Ken said...

this is call professional ma ;) (konon la) hahahah

yoon see said...

OK, will do it when I got some cool blank and tire!

Ken said...

no worries, you've got till end of the month and make sure you bring some friends for more entries :)

^NgoH wiLLy^ said...

wish you good luck ken ^^

Ken said...

Thank you willy...don't you wanna join this contest? :)

Nessa said...

Deadline 31 July ah? Still go time, still got time... :D

Ken said...

yes...still plenty of time...just keep sending your entries :D

all the best ;)

Nessa said...

Hi Ken!

Me again. I tersalah left comment at your other post. This is the right place ya.

Here's my post :~ Living Tapestry Contest

jom makan said...

i promote je la,nak join x pandai...

Ken said...

yes's here...will definitely go and check it out.

jom makan...thanks ya for helping me to promote my website...hehehe

T.H said...


Ken said...

Thanks T.H. now I'm having hard time choosing...LOL

T.H said...

hehe.. now you can take part my giveaway at

yatie chomeyl said...

hi there,

I would love to join this contest.
I think I've follow the rules, pls check my entry at

do let me know if there's anything that I've missed

Ken said...

yatie: got it and it's ok... =) thanx for joining.

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