Lady Gaga

Once a blue moon comes a very distinct singer with distinct fashion style and songs.  Long ago we have Madonna and now we have Lady Gaga.  All the MTV that she has release from Just Dance to Poker Face, Lovegame to Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and now Paparazzi, you can see all the different sense of fashion style that somehow fits her where I don't think it look good on anyone else.  And she is no dumb blond which sorry to say I thought she was, and what suprises me is she does plays the piano and sing on a so call home video kind of thingy....OMG!!!  Since that home video I change my perception towards her. 
Here is a video which has been remove from YouTube for our region, I guess it because "they" think it is explicit to be viewed in this region.  Thanks to my friend fast thinking, he manage to download it before it was removed from YouTube, Malaysia region.  Have fun watching it ;)



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