Living Tapestry Coming Very Soon
Yes, some of you knows that I have been busy and yet at the same time still looking for a full time job.  What am I busy with?  I have been busy setting up my online shop and getting my products ready to be sold online.  It is definitely a challenging job for me to this online shop started and I thank my business partners for making my life easy and making it happen.
It was definitely through trials and errors that we learned and pick up something new as we go along in what we do.  I am sure there are definitely more space for improvement but give us some time and we will definitely assure that we will not disappoint those who supports us.
And to those of you who do not know what I will be selling online, and let me tell you.  It is going to be throw cushions, from various sizes from 18" x 18" to 12" x 19" and 30" x 30".  It actually took us more time then what we expected to get everything ready.  And I am going to show you some of the cushions that will be put on my Living Tapestry website to sell, which is still not operational yet.  But don't worry, once the online store opens, I will definitely inform everyone.
I am going to leave you some image of what I will be selling in Living Tapestry online store.



Marvic said...


Marvic said...

OMG!!!!...ur cushions so nice la..cant wait to do window shopping at Living Tapestry

Ken said...

hahahha...thx marvic...I also can't wait for my online stall to drop by when it is on ya ;)

Anny said...

wahhhhhhhh.. so beautiful.. i want i want :D

Ken said...

hahaha...thank you can always purchase them at my online stall :) which I will launch soon.

Can't wait for that day to happen :) do drop by ya when it open it's door for business no matter where u are...LOL

i am jimmytan said...

Wow!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! looking forward!!!!
i m sure wil buy!

yoon see said...

I like the middle one.
You are so creative Ken:)
Keep up your good work Ken.

Juggling on both at a time is not easy but I am sure you have gone through the hardest process, making these unique pillow covers and they are all so charming in their own style and character.

Ken said...

jimmy: thank 1st wo hahaha ;)

yoon see: thank you for those encouraging words and glad you like one of them :)

Khemy said...

way to go ken..
i once stumbled into Amy butler's website and i fell in love with her work..and all those prints she created..its really breathtaking and makes me want to learn sew too (i hardly jahit a butang..hehe..)
anyway, gambateh ken..
malaysia boleh!

Ken said...

Thank you Khemy,
probably I'll go drop by amy butler's website and learn a thing or two...
u have the link ;)

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