Enough of broken heart
Keep getting hurt

Weak heart
Emotions falling apart
In pain



sebastiangan said...

Cheer up !!!!

::. Anton ::. said...

Always believe that the future has better things in store for you ...... a better person waiting to love you and be loved by you. ^_^


Ken said...

sebastian: i will try, thank you

anton: have been hoping forever and tomorrow never comes...

Marvic said...

have ur faith in love... :)

Marvic said...

have ur faith in love... :)

Ken said...

i guess i rather have faith in me.

Anny said...

love will come when u least expect it to

Ken said...

thanks anny...I'm not expecting any anymore.

Anny said...

dun forget to turn right.. and turn left.. cos love might just b there... u might hv missed it.. ;)

Ken said...

LOL..I've turn right, left, look up and down...go back n forth...it's not there...I wonder where is it hiding..

Emila Yusof said...

love hurts! aww ken, i hope the right one will come in no time! maybe you'll meet one while facebooking! you never know!

i love how you made the heart shape out of your poem! so cool!

Ken said...

thank you emila, i do hope it comes but it seems light years away... :(
when you think you love someone but the heart is never yours... :(

yoon see said...

Just have faith Ken
You will never know:)

Ken said...


yoon see said...


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