Morning Garden

Just borrowed a camera from Phirence and got up early while waiting for Lek Wei over for breakfast and work. While waiting, since there are so many things happening in the garden, so I took the camera to take some pictures while waiting.

I have this bunch of cats and kittens and dog in my garden and of course many many plants too. It is a jungle out there....LOL...

don't know what is it call but I know chinese people love them

nanas that bear fruit once a year

our national flower

my stray cat nick "PR" (permanent resident)

my dog Jojo

my stray cat nick "big eye"

"big eye" name yet

another "big eye" babies...also no name yet



Anny said...

wah.. ur garden so many PR oredi.. hehe.. love the cat pics..
is that Grey in the 4th picture? the cat u posted about last time? looks fat already :D

Ken said...

yes...that is the cat that love to sleep under the dono where he goes and sleep but will definitely come by for makan...LOL

It's a jungle out in my garden...LOL

Khemy said...

strayed cat had babies at your house!...
ken you are so mulia..may God grants all your wishes in return..
well i just can't understand people who love cats but discard their babies when she had least buang sekali with the mother, the babies will die anyway cause still breastfeeding..damn those kind of really am..
anyway, the cute..please, if you want to give them away, better get the right person..good luck..

Ken said...

Khemy, we have no intention of giving away the babies...just let the babies with the mother for all they want until they move out. I do have other kitten behind my house too...that is blackie..cos it's so black only the chest a patch of white.
We don't really throw kittens away, we scare they don't even survive the 1st week out on their own. We just let it be. Their mischeif just brings just joy watching :)

::. Anton ::. said...

You've got your stray cats.... i've got my stray dogs. Yup, there are PRs indeed. They hv taken upon themselves to "jaga" by backyard, with a daily feed of rice with meat as "upah". ^_^


Emila Yusof said...

such eye candies! love them all!

Ken said...

anton: yes, when the time comes, they will just appear without fail.

emila: thank you emila :D

Nessa said...

Ken!!! Lovely cats you have and they're all lucky stray cats. These cats are indeed lucky to have you... you're like their guardian angel!

Your dog Jojo tak kejar the cats ke??

yoon see said...

So so cute! Lovely and beautiful as always!

Ken said...

nessa: Not just me, ma parents too. They fried fish for all these stray cats and buy cat food to feed them as well. Actually there are more stray cats behind my house...if possible I think I might just take all their pix..LOL

Jojo tu penakut..see cat bark..when go out..lari pulak.. LOL

yoon see: yup, they are all lovely and beautiful... :)

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