SOHO (Small Office Home Office), that would be my working area in my own bedroom itself, it is kind of messy and it is really hard to maintain a bedroom and work area all nice and neat.
The past 6 months I spend most of my time here, work and sleep all in the same small room.  Thank goodness I am not claustrophobic if not I would probably gone insane. I practically eat, sleep, watch movie and work (sewing & on my laptop) all in this (9' -10" x 12' -4") room.  Lucky there is no pantry in my beedroom, if not probably I will even do my cooking here too...LOL..
I guess for the past few months I have been spending extra extra time in my bedroom be it work or sleep.  If I have an air-con in my bedroom probably I would stay in and not leave at all since the weather is freaking hot and hazy out there.
I wish I could have another room just for me to work and not in my bedroom where I can sleep comfortablely....



Marvic said...

lol...I also have the thought of converting my bedroom to my work place and the empty room as my bedroom since the empty one is more bigger than mine but then I cant do so since my brother and I always have relatives & friend stay over..i guess I just need to satisfied with the my dining table as my work place for now..hehehe..

Ken said...

Sometimes it is hard when you have guest often comes to choice...unless we have a bungalow...LOL

-Lek Wei- said...

nice pic!! lol.

Ken said...

of course nice...the pix u took ma :P

Marvic said...

that is why i prefer not to have any unexpected guest in the

Ken said...

hahaha...totally understand :)

yoon see said...

He..He..Your little heaven:)

Ken said...

yup..everything is here... LOL

yoon see said...

You like red Ken?

Ken said...

not really why? the photos only take the red in...actually my room is blue...just a few red :D

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