Zee Avi

Heard of this name, Zee Avi?  Yes or No, I guess it doesn't matter because now I am going to introduce her to you.  Don't really know much about her but it seems like she is a Malaysian and releasing her debut album in the United States of America.  I thought what so special about her, that she get to release album in the US and I did some digging in youtube and found some videos of her.
When she open her mouth to sing, she just took my breathe away, not much young people could sing like the way she does.  Listen to this first song call "kantoi" it may sound funny but the song has a funny lyrics and a catchy tune.  After that listen to the second MTV call "Bitter Heart" nice song.
To find out more about her you can go to her official website http://www.zeeavi.com/ to find out more about and where is she doing to perform in the US.



Marvic said...

ken, i ave her song here in my song collections.she is really good anad i just love her song "kantoi" so funny indeed..and the Bitter Heart pon best didengar..Luckly for her be able to release her 1st album in US not like any other artis here in Msia. Thanks to youtube because thats is where people found her talented..hehehehe

Ken said...

Yeah...really thanks to youtube. Um..now I'm wondering what should I do and post on youtube to get noticed and be famous ....LOL

Marvic said...

u and ur cushion cover..who knows maybe Ikea see u and want u to sign a contract with them.. what do u think about that? hehehe

Ken said...

O, I think that is quite impossible...hahaha. maybe in my dreams...LOL

Marvic said...

it is possible as long as u work hard to it... :)

Ken said...

i always believe it's 80% luck and only 20% hard work :)

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