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It has been awhile I actually took public transport like the Feeder bus, Intrakota or Metro bus. But today my buddy wanted to meet at Mid Valley and I was thinking how do i get there since I don't have a car. In my mind there are 3 affordable ways to get to Mid Valley from my house. One, Take the Metro bus that cost me RM1.60 that reach there directly. Two, take LRT and stopped at Bangsar station and then take a cab to Mid Valley. Three, take LRT to KL Sentral and change KTM to Mid Valley (which I don't really like to take KTM).
But with the hot weather I am just too lazy to walk 15 mins under the hot sun to the Paramount LRT so I waited for the Metro bus. It has been years that I took public transport and I don't really know what bus goes where and with my poor eye sight I practically have to stopped every bus that passes by. To my surprise the first buy I stopped were Feeder bus and their attitude are really bad. When the door opened I just ask Mid Valley? The bus driver just drive on and shut the door. At least give me an answer yes or not, that was very rude of him and I actually wated more then 45 mins for the bus that I am suppose to take. No wonder now people could not live without their own transport because our public transport sucks to the max.
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Yumi said...

wah lao..i also beh tahan la.

Ken said...

Can't wait to get my own transport again... =(

Emila Yusof said...

bus drivers are like that! I remember taking a bus to work few years back. The bus was almost full like tin ikan sardine. The driver kept on stopping at all bus stops and force us passengers to move closer. Of course, when there was no space to move, we just make dunno. He was quite pissed and told us all to move that instant and later said this, "sekolah tinggi tapi bodoh tak mahu rapat2!" There's no space to move at all, and I thought he's the one who was bodoh!

Ken said...

LOL..yalo..then u should say nasib sekolah tinggi tak payah pandu bas cari rezeki...see what he got to say la..."goblog" punya bus driver.

Talk about goblog I've something to share in one of my next blog...coming soon...hehehe stay tune.

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