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Ever heard of people got rob and not knowing it after sniffing some perfume? And for some case women got raped as after sniffing some aroma thingy and did not know what happen. Today I got to see first hand or should I say it happen to me but nothing happened.
As some of you knows I'm working part-time in an home accessories shop and while my lady boss where busy with customers and this Chinese guy came into the shop with the most irritating look on his face and it just smell fishy. He walks in like those door to door salesman with a bag in his hand. First question he ask, do I work in this shop and after I answer yes, he reach for a tiny little box with Kenzo fragrant printed on the cover of the box. Then he continues to ask, do you mind if you tell me you like it or not? I was wondering, like what? Then with another hand he reach in his pocket another bottle of liquid and he was trying open it and ask me to sniff it. I think he must be crazy to ask me to stiff it? He was not wearing a uniform or have any identification on him at all and I think he must be thinking I am probably a 3 year old child which in fact i'm 10 times more. And after he left the shop, I actually see where he is going and it seems like he selects his target and he don't enter every shops. Hopefully by touching the box he gave me won't do any harm to me.
Because of all these news that has been circulate around, people are getting more aware of all these conman and yet at the same time it makes people more skeptical and lose trust in people. I guess it is alright to be more careful especially someone you don't know.
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Yumi said...

WAH LAO...luckily for u wei..
so scary nowadays..every tactic comes..

Ken said...

yes it long as you are aware what is happening and be more careful with stranger, I guess it will be alright.

T.H said...

hey ken grab tag at th corner

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