Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

Super Junior is no stranger to the Korean Pop culture, and after so long only this song somehow catch my attention and so is the MTV, I guess it must have been hard work to make a MTV non-stop with no error and I wonder how many NGs it took before they could complete this music video without dancing wrongly.

By the way, I think this is the biggest boy band I ever seen and everyone of them in the music video are from the Super Junior group non of them are those extra dancer.

Take a look for yourself....enjoy!

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Super Junior Vol.3 - SORRY, SORRY (Version C)
02. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
03. 너라고 (It’s You)
04. 사랑이 죽는 병 (Love Disease)
05. 첫번째 이야기 (Love U More)
06. 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you)
07. 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not…)
08. 앤젤라 (Angela)
12. 이별… 넌 쉽니(Heartquake) (Featuring 동방신기_U-Know & Micky)
13. CLUB No.1 (Featuring YeonHee, Lee)
15. 죽어있는 것 (Dead at heart)



Yumi said...

ah..super junior..yes yes..
i like them..after DBSK.
u brought the album? i only like 3 songs so far, sorry sorry, its you and why i like you?.
oh oh..u shud watch intimate note with super junior. very very funny. alot of korean variety shows very interesting and funny. i've been watching them, super junior and DBSK. keep watching and neglecting assignments..DIE!!lol

Ken said...

now i know why assignments can't finish...because of them...but DBSK were never in my list....LOL only BigBang....LOL

Ciyou said...

I like It’s You more then sorry sorry.... Their dance MV for both songs is great.... They realy put alot hard work on it

Ken said...

Yup i agree with you Ciyou..overall the album were good.

Yumi said...

haha..ya ya..dats
a lot of ballad and sad songs..
pretty listening to them..i mean super junior.hehe
big song..gara gara go..pretty hype jap song..nice also..

Ken said...

yup...they are targeting japanese market too.

Yumi said...

now most of them also targeting japan.
dbsk, super junior, big bang.
wonder girls in US and boa also.
utada hikaru also. her new album, mostly, i think all english songs. the 1st single is good. didnt think she got dat english accent but she does.

kyusneezes said...

wow...a suju blog from a male =)

I'm glad there are some male fans(?)or maybe, just liking suju's music =)

from the fave is "it's you" followed by sorry sorry, when i like you, reset, let's not...hahahha too many?

nweiz...i'm not korean, but I love korean variety shows, i even watched some of them without subs (well as long as suju is there)
I also like 2pm and bigbang~ but there is no group that makes me ROFL other than suju..hehehe

Ken said...

Yumi Utada has been famous for her english songs...i find the album too R&B'ish..but I kinda like it...LOL

kyusneezes actually i a big fan of bigbang suju still acceptable but no that DBKL ops..i mean dbsk...LOL

Yumi said...

wei...yor..nvm..ppl got their own favourites.
ah..didn;t know u-ta-dah famous with english songs.hehe..well, i'm
jahat la u..ishq..

kyusneezes- ah..korean variety shows are very very interesting. since u're big fan of suju, bet u hav watched intimate note. darn farny

Ken said...

OMG Yumi found another suju fans to talk about...LOL

Yumi said...

lol...haha..i got classmates who kinda likes them too.
even my brother also watch korean variety shows..thanks to him..i also learn to watch

Ken said...

aiyo now all crazy over koreans...even beauty products also...beh tahan...LOL

Yumi said... products?? yalor..from 'the face shop' ahhaa..not bad also..

Ken said...

actually a lot more which those products didn't make it here yet =) or never.

Yumi said...

lol.. korea hwaiting! DBSK hwaiting!! HAHAHA
SUJU HWAiting!!

Ken said...

how about Big Bang kwai-ting too!

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