Time do pass quickly, today I was meeting with my college mates and we were talking and obviously we have known one another for more than 13 years and it seems like just yesterday. It is always great to see friend excel in their working and personal life. Obviously some are married with kids and yet some of us are still single just like me.

Ever since I left college as the year passes by, the lesser I am in contact with my college mates. Everybody is busy with their work and life. Whenever they text me or call me, I would try to make it for some of the gathering as I find it great to know how my friends are doing. Sometimes I may hurt in a way that I put pressure to myself after meeting them. I would pop the questions what have I achieve compared to them?

Sometimes all the meeting up or gathering just makes me feel inferior in a way. But yet I am grateful and happy I still do have such friends around. We do talk casually, no hostility, no competition, but I guess if the environment were like that I probably won't attend such gathering. Anyway I had a great time and partly it is because to promote the cushion covers that I have been selling. I guess it is good to still stay in contact with most of your friends, you might not know what they can do or help you in the future. How the chain reaction could cause even though it started of small.



Khemy said...

hey we should do reunion for ex-arrespis and bitch about our ex-boss and lady boss and their so-called associates..
damn i would feel good..LOL

Ken said...

LOL...i'm definitely in for it. I guess the only person I'm still in contact is Farha and Sue. Seah is totally out of the country.

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