Daily Excercise

I am pretty sure most people already knows I'm working in Red Envelope in Ikano Power Centre and my daily routine would actually helps me do some excercise which I miss my gym for a long long time.
  • Walk to the LRT station from my house would actually take me 10-15 mins walk depending on my speed. With that I am already sweating by the time I reach the LRT station.
  • Reach the Kelana LRT station will have to walk down the stairs den out of the station then up the stairs to the pedestrian bridge across the road to wait for the free feeder bus by Ikea. (that would be another 5 mins excercise)
  • When I am at the shop, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I would have to mop the floor (some hand excercise to squeeze the mop dry). Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday will have to wipe the window display up and down (arm excercise). Which would take me another 10 mins
  • After work another 10-15 mins walk back home.
I wonder if I were to do this daily, would I actually grow thin which I wanted so much, as I feel I have put on some weight, expending horizontally. But I love eating, I guess it is about time I go back to my old diet that I manage to lost weight within 1 week. I guess my self-control button needs to keep it "ON" for the time being. If not I would be munching food in between meals. And carb diet is essential, which I have tried and it is quite effective.

I shall loose some weight by end of the month and feed good and confident about myself!!! Anybody want to join me in loosing weight and be the "Biggest Loser"!!!
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-Lek Wei- said...

if u keep on this daily exercise in a month, you sure can lose your weight for sure. ha...

Ken said...

I doubt it lo..i think i eat more then i excercise...hahaha...how to be thin.. so still need to do a little diet.

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