Everybody has a certain level of pride, but do you let it goes to your head? Lets take for an example, if you are graduated from overseas and come back and work as a waiter/waitress in some restaurant, and a friend saw you and message you to confirm whether it is you. Would deny or admit it is you who is working in that particular restaurant?

I have experience it first hand that someone actually denies it. To me, there is nothing to be ashame off, whether you are working as a waiter or cashier or whatever you can think off. Does the pride of someone can actually blind him/her? I always ask, does pride bring food to your dining table? Does pride pays your bill? Isn't the answer obvious? NO is definitely the answer.

I have been working as Interior Designers for years and now because of the economy setback, it is pretty hard for me to get a job, but doesn't mean I can't do other things to make a living. The pay is much lesser than my usual job but still, at least there is income. Of course the lifestyle would have to change in order to fit what I am earning now. I totally have no problem telling people that I am a Sales Promoter now. Because I believe pride is nothing and I believe there are bad times and good times, for now I maybe having bad times someday good times will come. I am still learning even though I am a Sales Promoter, stories and info you listen are lesson which you can't buy.

Pride is nothing, and now I totally not in contact with the friend who denies working in the restaurant. No point being friend with someone who look down on himself and had so much pride in him.



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