Do Something Please!

What is happening? How come Malaysia became the highest H1N1 death toll rate in Asia? Is the public not aware of the H1N1? Is the public being well informed and educated about all the necessary steps to prevent the H1N1. Is there enough TV commercial and print ads to educate the public?

When I was in Bangkok last month, when Bangkok has the highest rate of H1N1 cases and yet it is being under controlled. Why? I guess simply because of the commercials they air in their MRT trains and television. I was trying to search for the commercial but I can't find any, as many of you knows Thai commercials are really funny and it really create and impression in you.

The one I saw was, this guy just got of the train with a big headphone over his head, as he walks out of the station, he was rubbing the handrail as though he is the DJ in some club down the stairs. And at the end of the stairs was this man holding a basin and ask him to wash his hands. And of course there were more.

What I really think is the public should be well equipped and be educated about the H1N1 before more are being affected by it and seems like not much is being done. Leave you a Thai commercial from their Health Ministry.

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-Lek Wei- said...

do something!? yeah. took action already. you know what. fine $ to who gt flu and cough in the public. don't know workable not. ==

Ken said...

then who is so free to go and catch these people? The best is still ask the public fine them and do their job...LOL

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