Dysfunction Family

I have always been closer to my friends then family and don't blame me for that because I have a dysfunction family member. Today my blood pressure almost shoot off the roof straigh to the sky above.

As usual it takes me about 15 mins to walk to the LRT station and by the time i reach usually i'm all sweaty, but few steps before i reach the counter only I realise I left my wallet back home. So I made a call back home and ask my dad to locate my wallet and ask anyone to send over. Of course first choice would be my brother who live just one floor above my home and next choice would my my aunty who's just down the street.
After waited awhile I call back home and ask whether did he manage to find my wallet and is anybody sending over. I have got he most classic answer...
me: found my wallet?
dad: yeah.
me: so is bro sending over?
dad: no.
me: why?
dad: bro is going to work.
I got so mad I just hung up the phone. It took me 15 mins to walk there and it takes only 5 mins to drive there, just a 5 mins detour is it that hard? But I already know that he didn't even bother to ask my brother to send it over. I have to walk all the way back with my blood pressure high up in the sky. When I reach home my brother's car still home and he has not even left home. I am already sweaty when I reach the LRT station and walk all the way back again. I totally change my tee and head off to take cab. That was not it, the day before that I wore and old shoe and cause blister on my foot can you imagine how it add salt to your wound like?
Just can't blame me for not being close to my family because I have such loving parent. Who don't give a damn about me only thinks what my brother would think and feel. Totally love them...



-Lek Wei- said...

chill!! i doesn't mean to blame you that you're not a good child. but they still is your parent. still have to respect them and love them.

Ken said...

Seriously I'm cold blooded. It's very simple, you want my respect first learn to respect other. If not, you walk your road and I walk mine. Parents, president, police, we are all human in the end when everything is strip down.

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