Essential Oils pt.1

Essential oils has been made popular few years back when aroma therapy was introduced in spas. These essential oils are made from the volatile and highly fragrant part of the plant. It is believe to have healing powers alternative to normal medical cure. Essential oils quickly penetrate the body through the skin and the respiratory tract, and they enter and leave the body without leaving any toxins behind. Some many not apply directly to the skin as it might burn so please do consult before using it directly on the skin.

As for aroma therapy, different scent have different effect on people. The famous relaxing therapy for relaxing is non other than Lavender. So now I'm going to list down a few of the more comman essential oils and their
  • Bergamot ~ A balancing oil. Lifts melancholy and depression
  • Cedarwood ~ An antiseptic, astringent, expectoran, and sedative. Normalises sweat gland function. Good for bronchial problems and useful for controlling mold and mildew.
  • Chamomile ~ An analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic. Excellent for headaches (apply as a compress to head). Good in baths, hair rinse, and massage oil.
  • Cinnamon bark ~ Useful for scent enhancement in the home or office. Makes a good air freshener and is also antifungal.
  • Clary sage ~ A very aromatic oil that is enjoyed by both men and women. An antidepressant, anxiety reducer, anti-inflammantory, antispasmodic, and aphrodisiac. Helps to conteract insomnia. Good used in skin and hair care products. [CAUTION: Should not be used in the first months of pregnancy]
  • Cypress ~ An astrigent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and deodorant. Constricts the blood vessels. Repels fleas. Reduces coughing and excessive perspiration.
  • Eucalyptus ~ An antiseptic, antiviral, chest rub, decongestant, disinfectant, and expectorant. Reduces fever. Used as an ointment for muscular aches and pains. Good for repelling insects, and for use on insect bites or stings. Has a normalizing, balancing effect.
  • Fankincense ~ An anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, and expectorant. Promotes cellular regeneration. Good for cleansing and purifying the home. Helpful for bronchitis.
  • Geranium ~ An antidepressant, antidiabetic, antiseptic, hormone balancer, and insect repellent. A normalizing and balancing, mildly sedating oil god for PMS, nervous tension, skin concerns, and neuralgia. Good as a bath additive.
  • Grapefruit ~ Reduces appetite; useful in treating obesity. Balances moods, relieves depression, cleanses the body of toxins, reduces water retention, and cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Useful in baths, skin care products, and colognes.
  • Hyssop ~ An antiseptic and tonic. Useful for cleansing and detoxifying. Stimulates the respiratory system. Good for bronchitis as it helps clear the lungs of congestion. [CAUTION: Do not use if you have epilepsy or other seizure disorder]
  • Jasmin ~ An antidepressant, antiseptic, and sedative. Useful for anziety,, emotional imbalances, frigitity, and impotence. Benefits scalp and skin.
  • Juniper ~ An antiseptic, detoxifier, diuretic, and internal cleanser. Helps rid the body of toxins and parasites, reduces spasms, improves arthritis, and reduces cellulite. [CAUTION: Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use if you have kidney problem]
  • Lavender ~ Useful as an antiseptic and for imporving immune system function, calming and normalizing the body, fighting bacterial and fungal infection, easing depression, and reducing inflammation. good for acne, burns, eczema, skin healing, sleep disorders, and stress.
  • Lemon ~ An antiseptic, astringent, and inhibitor of bacterial growth. Helps to increase the body's defense against infections. Good for varicose veins, stomach ulcers, anxiety, depression, and digestive disorders. Emulsifies and disperses grease and oil. Helpful in cleaning products and hair rinses and for wound cleansing.
  • Linden ~ A calming, sedating, and soothing tonic. Moisterizing for the skin.
to be continue....



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