15 Malaysia

I was introduce to it by a friend which I have no idea what was it all about. It is all about 15 short films produce by Malaysian and feature some of our local well-known actors, musicians and on top of that some political figures as well and I think this is a very cool project and should probably have more in the near future because I believe Malaysia do have a lot of talented people who can produce good stuff.
You can find all 15 short film at 15MALAYSIA and feel free to download anything to help spread the word, give your most sincere comments in any language you like, how rude or how nice is never a problem and of course not all 15 short films were updated on the website yet and hopefully all are up so that we can really see and comments on these short films.
All these 15 short films were produced and presented in many different ways, some funny, some sad, some just leave you pondering but all could somehow or rather relate to us in some point of our life.



-Lek Wei- said...

yes. damn funny. the potong saga. ha.. no need go to potong in order to get the account right. um.. i think this short film still hv another meaning wan to bring out. ha..

about the chocolate. i cant get wat the short film wan to say. no idea totally.

Ken said...

yes bout the chocolate i wanna watch a few times to get what exactly they want to convey...sorry my shallow mind can't comprehend ahahha when I know what it wan to convey I'll share with you or anybody would like to share are welcome :)

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