Love Thyself

Have you been treating yourself lately? What do you do to love yourself? Do you make yourself look the best you could just for others to see? Is that loving yourself?

I am sure looking good is always a constant thing we human strive to be. Looking good for our love ones, looking good for the public to see. To look good is it all about the appearance? Would you actually sacrifice something in order to look good? I do know a person who actually go on extreme diet just to be thin, which has been causing a lot of problem in her stomach and yet she still could not be bothered. Yes, you may think you are still young but can you imagine when all problems will cause chain reactions and by the time you know it is too late to undo what you have done.
For you information she is very thin already to the public eyes but yet she still thinks she is fat and it is just impossible for us to change her mind set and it is just sad to know that is not accepting herself for who she is and is too concern with what the other people thinks of her. That is not the end of the story, I also find out that she is short sighted and she neither wear glasses nor contact lenses. She says it will make her eyes bulge after years of wearing a pair of glasses.
There are times I just wonder is she creating a time bomb for herself and she is slowly destroying herself from the inside out. There are only to ending to this destruction, either you die young or you live old but with a lot of sickness. I may sound cruel but if this continues it seems the ending would be predictable.
To all of you out there, please love your body and this is your only transport for the only soul you have to move around to be with the one you love. Without the body you are just nothing without it even you have a soul in it.



-Lek Wei- said...

yes i do. i love my body. =)

Ken said...

yes i know :) i can tell :P

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