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The death toll for the Influanza A H1N1 is on the rise and of course people are afraid they might catch the virus out of their house on their way to work, shopping, or work place. As most of you know I work in a shopping mall and I see people day in day out, trust me you see all kinds of people but what I want to talk about it those people wearing a mask.
First of all, do they know the real purpose of wearing a mask? A lot of people have a misconceptual over the purpose of wearing a mask. I have been digging up some info quite some time ago before I travelled to Bangkok for holiday. So, here is what World Health Organization (WHO) have to say about wearing a mask.

What about using a mask? What does WHO recommend?
  • If you are not sick, you do not wear a mask.
  • If you are caring for a sick person, you can wear a mask when you are in close contact with the ill person and dispose of it immediately after contact, and cleanse your hands throughly afterwards.
  • If you are sick and must travel or be around others, cover your mouth and nose.
  • Using a mask correctly in all situations is essential. Incorrect use actually increases the chance of spreading infection.
I strongly believe that the public should be educated in a situation like this. I see just a handful of people walking in the mall with mask over their face, first impression either he/she is sick or the person next to him/her is sick. Sometimes I may sound rude but it is for the sake of the customer and people working in the retail shop that I will ask the people with mask is he/she sick? I know prevention is better than cure, but if you are so afraid that you might contracted the virus, why don't you just stay at home, isn't that save enough?



Khemy said...

but ken would we jeopardy our life if there are some culprits out there just don't give a damn about wearing a mask when they are sick (you know Malaysians..)? You will never know right..they just never bother..and some of them not really Malaysian afterall and they are everywhere and they don't really read..(you know who i mean..)

Ken said...

Yes, I totally know what you mean. But I guess first of all we need to be in tip top condition and healthy so that the virus won't attack us easily. And I believe because now the air is full of haze and that might contribute to the death toll too. Most of them died short of breath...the Haze is getting worst.

So we better be strong, eat well and sleep well to fight this influenza.....

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