Anybody knows what is this Feedmylamb is all about? I was introduce by a friend of mine who has passion for arts, who has recently join Feedmylamb as part of the team. Feedmylamb started back in 2008 by Miss Siang Chin who decided to do something on her four dull wall with some designer's touch. With this a few experiments and passion to make an environment lively, and thus give birth to Feedmylamb. I have yet to find out the meaning behind Feedmylamb soon when I see these people and interview them.

Feedmylamb has grown since 2008 and a group of young graphic designers to architect are a part of this group team. And yes they are the first to introduce this self-adhesive products in Malaysia. It is actually a thin self-adhesive matte vinyl film that actually look like painted wall. Of course it is user friendly and you can explore into endless possible design with their self-adhesive images.

And if you would like to have some design that fit your theme, tailor made just for your home are available.
All the designs can be use commercially or for residential homes and practically on any surface that is flat and smooth. I guess by visiting their website and blog is the best way to find out more about their fabulous designs and which bazaar they would be.

website: http://www.feedmylamb.com.my/
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Anny said...

i kinda like the birds on the wire.. its super cool! ikea does carry this sticky on the walls too..but i think feedmylamb's pics are cooler :D tks for the info :)

Ken said...

yeah, i kinda like the birds on the wire..I might just get it and do up my room since i've a wall that is painted dark blue... was thinking to do something about it...for years it's empty...

yup ikea's design are just normal..where feedmylamb designs are nicer and more choice...if i do up my wall prob I'll post it up too...hahaha

Anny said...

mebbe i'll get the birds too.. for my nephew's room... :)

Ken said...

hahaha..how about your own? not getting any.

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